Video Outperforming Pictures on Instagram

Like it or not, we are living in a video world.  As a marketer with an extensive broadcast television background, I couldn’t be happier to see social media embracing what I have always loved.

I see opportunities around me all the time and I’ve recently started taking advantage of them on social media.

I’ve posted short edited videos with text and short raw clips, both received a 35% increase in impressions over my photos on Instagram.  Think about that!  By simply adding video you can increase the reach of your post by 35-percent!

Test #1: Unedited video clips

Test #2: Edited video clips

Video is powerful, it provides more information than a photo. If you don’t know where to start here are a few tips.

1. Look around 

What interests you or your customers?  Chances are it will interest someone else.  Look for opportunities to showcase your staff, processes; anything that has movement is going to work well.

2. Not all video is created equal 

Sometimes a photo is better.  If you have a static object with no movement, a picture is probably best.  If you have someone showcasing the features of the product or you can see something being created those are going to make great videos.

3. Sound 

Video is king, sound not so much.  I personally don’t go through Instagram with the sound up, but some people do.  If you want to include sound, go for it!  Just make sure to add ‘sound up’ in the post and if you plan to do a lot of posts, I suggest investing in an external microphone.  There are several options for phones at varying price points.

4. Follow the leader 

Pay attention when you are going through your Instagram feed.  What do you like to see?  What draws your attention? How can you do something similar to attract and engage potential customers?

In today’s world you can’t afford to be left behind, use these simple tips to jump into the world of video and see what happens.

Denise Naughton is a digital video strategist using her extensive background in broadcasting to help businesses and brands connect with customers through social media and online outlets. She is the founder of Brand YOU Media, which provides video consulting and video strategy services, as well as affordable real time video production. 


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